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About me

My name is Robbie Palm, and I am the key to your home! I am a licensed Realtor by the State of Texas and I look forward to helping you find the home of your dreams... or your office or your apartment or...whatever it is that you are looking for...!
¡Mi nombre es Robbie Palm y yo puedo ayudarle a encontrar su hogar! Soy un agente de bienes raíces, con licencia para ejercer en el estado de Texas y estoy listo para ayudarle a encontrar la casa de sus sueños, su oficina, su departamento... ¡o lo que sea que used esté buscando...!​
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I’ll be with you from the beginning to the end.
English and spanish spoken.
Searching for the best property.
Getting the best price for you.
Loan guidance if needed.
Contracts and negotiations.
Working for you and closing the deal.
Buying a House

Buying a house

The time to become a homeowner is now

Have you been thinking about buying a house lately? Maybe you’ve come to realize paying rent is a waste of money. Maybe you’re more stable now and are ready to settle. Or maybe you just want a place to call your own to paint, decorate or do whatever you feel like to it.

Any reason is a good reason to buy a house. And the time to become a homeowner is now. Don’t delay your decision—in years to come you’ll be happy you did.